What is Gomics?

The Gomics platform is the world's first platform to protect animation copyrights and production environments.

Gomics plans to create a blockchain-based entertainment platform using blockchain technology. They aim to create an ecosystem using the platform, also to enable users (readers) to subscribe webtoons or for creators (publishers) to publish their works. On the platform, users and creators can interact efficiently using GOM token and get profits from them.

Gomics platform is growing rapidly and already has a large user base around the world. The possibility of expansion into other Asian countries is still very high, and the size of the Korean webtoon market has already reached KRW 1 trillion.

As more people are interested in webtoons, the webtoon publishing market is growing bigger. If a popular webtoon is made into a movie, it will be easy 2.1 Analysis on Comics Industry 5 Blockchain Entertainment Platform to attract 10 million viewers and get positive responses from overseas subscribers. By creating webtoons into movies, dramas or online games, the webtoon market will be expanded worldwide.

Gomics Technology

Gomics is improved and developed based on Polkadot, it uses Polkadot+IPFS framework.

Gomics' technical structure is divided into three stages.

  • Application Stage

    Gomics aims to provide more services to everyone in the community by combining more components or extending the developer's components.

  • Business Stage

    Evaluation and verification are conducted using blockchain, artificial intelligence, and big data. The evaluation is based on a system that rewards community users. A credit system is established, and details about users’ subscriptions for contents and consumption patterns are recorded in various ways.

  • Contract Stage

    Gomics is developed based on STEEM blockchain and combines IPFS storage technology. The features of the cross-chain and sidechain were added. By combining sidechain and crosschain technology, Gomics allows contents from different kinds of chains to cross each other.

White Paper

백서 표지

White Paper


  • Tae-hee Kim

    Entertainment, TV writer

    Mbc infinite challenge Mbc radio Star

    Naver TV Big Picture Season 1-3 Drama

    Naver Webtoon “first prize” Writing miniseries with 16 best-selling books 2019 Autumn is scheduled

  • Jin-ho Hong

    Former Korean Top Starcraft Pro Gamer

    second WCG No. 1 in the Korean national team trials.
    MBC Game All-Star League Winning
    2004.01 ~ 2011.06
    KT Rollster Team
    2012.02 ~ 2013.02
    Directed by Genix Storm.

  • Doo-hee Lee

    Founder LIKELION

    Google Impact Challenge, First Place (People’s Choice) Speaker, 66th UN NGO
    Acclaimed White Hacker,
    (cyworld, egloos, IT infra of Seoul National University
    and so on) B.S., M.S., Computer Science and Engineering,
    Seoul National University

  • Seong-won Park

    Legal adviser attorney-at-law in Korea.

    Graduated from Korea University, Business consulting, Establishment of Chinese(& Singapore) corporation, ICO(IEO), etc. Former) Law firm HANJOONG(韓中) now) Law firm ELAW now) Beijing, GL Management System(中國北 京國聯諮詢有限公司) : attorney now) Singapore, KHI Global Services Pte Ltd. : attorney

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