More than Seven works of Gomics’ are currently being published on several webtoon platforms (Toptoon, Toomics, etc.) in Korea, and is also running series of webtoon on platforms in China. Gomics’ content was proven to be the one of the popular webtoon in a short time. It is a result of Gomics’ content business planning, production keys and the real economy that will lead to the global economy.


Gomics' technical structure is divided into three stages: Contract stage, which is the most basic level of blockchain, Business stage, Application stage. Gomics is improved and developed based on Polkadot, it uses Polkadot+IPFS framework. Business layer adopts the form of block chain + artificial intelligence auditing to reward users for content auditing. At the application level, a community based on the Gomics content public chain is developed through packaged business layer APIs to encapsulate the various components and extensions developed by developers.

Reward System Reward System
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    The new strategy to secure production cost through crowd funding on Gomics’ new platform

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    A transparent blockchain ecosystem solution to create active content creative environment for authors and producers to co-exist with subscribing users

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    Protection of Copyright

    Copyright protection technology to protect the creative content of authors and creators

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    Owned content, which consist of the content, influencers and commerce, have a big potential to expand to the world.


  • Demian Han

    Gomics Founder

    Coinplanet CEO
    Korea Cryptocurrency

  • Jea-won Jung

    Gomics COO

    Facon CEO
    Former Mtoon
    (the present toomics) CEO

  • Jason Hwang

    Gomics CSO

    Facon Director

  • Steve Yang

    Gomics CMO

    Coinplanet CEO Cryptocurrency Global Marketers & Accelerators (Tezos, Boss Eth.)

  • Teng Zhang

    Gomics CTO

    2006~2010 Tsinghua University
    2012~2018 國立清華大學
    2018~2019.09 科大讯飞股份有限公司


  • Tae-hee Kim

    Entertainment, TV writer

    Mbc infinite challenge Mbc radio Star

    Naver TV Big Picture Season 1-3 Drama

    Naver Webtoon “first prize” Writing miniseries with 16 best-selling books 2019 Autumn is scheduled

  • Jin-ho Hong

    Former Korean Top Starcraft Pro Gamer

    second WCG No. 1 in the Korean national team trials.
    MBC Game All-Star League Winning
    2004.01 ~ 2011.06
    KT Rollster Team
    2012.02 ~ 2013.02
    Directed by Genix Storm.

  • Doo-hee Lee

    Founder LIKELION

    Google Impact Challenge, First Place (People’s Choice) Speaker, 66th UN NGO
    Acclaimed White Hacker,
    (cyworld, egloos, IT infra of Seoul National University
    and so on) B.S., M.S., Computer Science and Engineering,
    Seoul National University

  • Seong-won Park

    Legal adviser attorney-at-law in Korea.

    Graduated from Korea University, Business consulting, Establishment of Chinese(& Singapore) corporation, ICO(IEO), etc. Former) Law firm HANJOONG(韓中) now) Law firm ELAW now) Beijing, GL Management System(中國北 京國聯諮詢有限公司) : attorney now) Singapore, KHI Global Services Pte Ltd. : attorney