CoinTiger, New Investment for Gomics(GOM) Project

CoinTiger which is the global stock market has attracted investment for Gomics project.

CoinTiger exchange is the global major market which has more than 2 million users and they are ranked No.1 for the global transaction.

CoinTiger exchange has been announcing the investment plan for a promising blockchain project with Ticker capital on July 29th as well as they have been investing in the superior project which is listed in CoinTiger exchange.

The official said, as CoinTiger looked recently listed Gomics project with promising, the investment has been started, buying 2 million of Gomics(GOM) token. Additionally, CoinTiger will announce the further holding coin ratio on the monthly basis and the investment in excellent projects will be expanded consistently.

Meanwhile, Gomics(GOM) is listed 0.116USD in CoinTiger’s stock exchange on August 27th. After this, it is showing the difference with other project, recording more than 150% (0.25USD) rate of increase by September 2nd.

Gomics platform aims to protect the animation copyright and production environment. It encourages to make transparency ecosystem platform to protect the company and creator’s copyright and to produce continuous profits with reducing their financial losses.